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Dr. Biggles

Ya know, I wouldn't wish being in your 20s on anyone. I know, barely lived all the way through mine.

As near as I can tell, moving through your teens, you clearly know it all, and more. Then, in your 20s you can get a chance to show everyone you know it all. With wild abandon you set forth to show the rest of us dumbshits how it's done. And relationships are right at the top of that heap, above it all.

He/she may or may not get it, but someone needs to sit down and have a talk. It took me a handful of those before I came around. My mother taught me to never bring your manager a problem, bring them a solution, and find a job that nobody wants to do and do that one. Not bad at 17, if I do say so myself.

Kick their ass, remove cel phone and get your butt to work! DAMMIT !!!

Jalapeno Girl

Dr. Biggles: well put, as always.


Yes i went to the CCA too, a long time ago before it became a puppy farm turning out litters of "cooks" Its sad dealing with most of the young help these days, when that kind of stuff happens, we just look at each other and say " we will alaways have a job"

Jalapeno Girl


It is sad and incredibly frustrating dealing with apathy at work. I hardly bother telling someone to show up early, work hard, help out, keep busy, and so on. My main reason: the info would likely be unwelcome or lost on the recipient.

kitchen equipment

I have to agree with all of those above. When you're given the chance to work, an opportunity to shine... You really have to take it. A career is something you work at for most of your adult life. A relationship in your 20s probably won't last half as long. What a bad move.


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