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Jalapeno Madness

This looks like a great recipe, especially with the jalapeno peppers taking front and center like that. Keep up the great jalapeno work!

Mary/Jalapeno Girl

Glad you like it, Jalapeno Madness.


I think Little Sichuan is great and, what's more, gets the stamp of approval from my (Chinese) parents. If you haven't had it there (or anywhere) yet, try the "bai rou," which translates to "white meat" and refers to slices of fatty pork belly that is served in a spicy oil sauce. Not good for your figure, but good for your tongue, if you don't mind the heat. I'm a wuss when it comes to spicy-hot, but I always find it worth the scorching. Sometimes the dish can be very clumsy, with the fat coming out with a very unappetizing consistency, but the times I've had it at Little Sichuan, they got the fat rendered to just the right level of silkiness.

I *think* it's on the standard menu and rendered in English for easy ordering by non-Chinese.

Anyway, Little Sichuan isn't as well-mannered as some other places and is, as you say, worn-looking. But the food is excellent, as are the prices.

P.S. De-lurking for the first time with this comment, but I've been enjoying your blog for a while now. Rock on.

Jalapeno Girl

Chester-Bai Rou sounds great! Thanks for the heads up....

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