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Oh I know -- that's my local market and I cannot bring myself to shop there. A couple weeks ago I picked up a bulb of fennel cuz it was convenient, and it cost $2.50. This stuff grows, wild, on the side of the road *in the city of San Francisco.* I mean, really!


Well, it IS the first asparagus of the season. In a month, it'll be affordable, plentiful... and tastier, too.


Ohgod. We can't support that kind of pricing. Sorry.
I think Zuckerman's from Stockton is only $2.50 a pound.
Shit, what a travesty.
On a happier note, we saw your adorable husband and his prehensile thumb on TV the other night. Hah!

jen maiser

Who was the farmer?

almost vegetarian

I'm sure it was organic, sung to, picked by the light of the moon, and bound to be incredibly delicious. But, still, that was an absurd price. I'm getting west coast asparagus these days for $2/lb on sale and slightly more not on sale. Far more reasonable, especailly when you bear in mind I supply my own singing. Cheers!

Mary/Jalapeno Girl

Sean-good to know I'm not alone in my dilemma!

Anita-I guess I'll wait it out. No choice, really!

Cookiecrumb-I'm glad you caught Oscar on TV. Pretty funny, huh.

Jen-I am terrible to not have the farmer's name. I will do some research on my next outing.

Almost Vegetarian-You make me laugh!! My Mom lives in the East Bay Area and can get asparagus for $2.50 a pound. Not sure if it's organic or sung to, hehe.

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