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Yeah, they noticed.
A million years ago, Cranky and I cooked our first roast beef together, and immediately afterward I went to a night class.
A classmate sniffed in my general direction and declared, "You smell like a hamburger!"
I was horrified.
I said, "No, I smell like roast beef."


So I feared, so I feared.


You just made them extra hungry for lunch!


When I was in college one of the dining halls experimented with a wok bar, where you could gather up your ingredients at a buffet table and cook them yourself in one of half a dozen woks. The whole procedure was set up in the main dining area.

Anybody want to guess why this was a short-lived experiment? The main dining area was NOT set up to ventilate the output from half a dozen woks. Where did the lovely smells go? On you, and on all of your fellow diners. It got to the point where, unless you were going to actually wok your own food, you avoided that dining hall on Tuesday nights!

Even now my partner and I refer to post-dinner stinky clothing as smelling like wok bar - even if what we really smell like is pot roast. :)

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