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The madness of it all!
Actually, I think even one bite would be too much for me (brave man, that Oscar; you two are just crazy). But I like reading about it:-)


Way to go Mary - more training to come!!

ted martinez

What!! Mary, you lost the bestest hottest burger bet? I am shocked. There's always a rematch. The fans will want it.

How about soy icecream? Any tips on a easy receipe without a machine?

Hey Ted,
I'm determined to at least eat more habanero burgers than Professor Ben, even if he beat me just once.

I haven't done any soy ice cream yet, but will keep my eye out for a good recipe. The bad news is, I think you really do have to pony up and buy an ice cream machine. Otherwise, you have flavored ice, not creamy ice cream. But maybe you can get one of those soccer ball ones that can be kicked around? They run $29 or so, and put out a decent product....


Not from CA and was wondering what a Habanero Burger was? Are the habs in the burger meat or are they on top? Sounds very good to me!

I've made Green Chile Cheeseburgers like in New Mexico and I've put Jalapenos on top of burgers. Just wondering...

Mary/Jalapeno Girl

Hi Risa,

The habs & hab oil were on top and inside of the burger. Both your Green Chile and Jalapeno burgers sound good right about now for a late lunch.


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