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Jackson West

It's funny, but I had never in my life even seen a roach on the west coast until my current apartment -- where I live over a number of restaurants. My wild guess? The little guy was probably in the greens before your host even purchased them, if only because even the roaches I do see here are rarely larger than a fingernail (and therefore half the size of my old buggy friends in Brooklyn or the Palmetto Bugs in the Carolinas).


OMG ...too much! LOL you crack me up! i thought you'd dump wine on that roach, but i remembered you value good wine and conversation...

Mary Ladd

Jackson: This was a big one, so your guess that it came from the bag may be on target.

CarmenSanJose: Ew, that would've been funny to dump the wine on the bug but my fear was, "What if it's not dead and decides to jump on me?".....

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