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Jackson West

You lucky bastard! I'm a total Bourdain fanboy, and have been bingeing on eppys of "No Reservations" the last two weekends. Can't wait to check out his new book.

BTW, next time if you're out late with Msr. Bourdain, check out the taco cart on 24th near Folsom. Nothing like eating a $1.50 sesos, lengua or cabeza taco at 2am.


Kudos from the food forum:

You are one lucky gal!!!!!
that was so cool, thanks for sharing. did you know him personally, through friends or did he find you through your blog?
well thanks so much for the
insider's view, especially for Bourdain, it was a real treat!!! Now that I know you have a blog, I'll check that. You and your hubby are really fortunate!!
Thanks so much for sharing that! Great blog! Not sure that I would have the guts to try to make any of those dishes, even if I could find the ingredients. But very nice that you got to eat and drink with Tony Bourdain! He is fascinating, and I am not talking about his good lucks. His mind is a treat.
Thanks for sharing.
I envy your experience!
Extramsg has a couple of pieces about last week's jaunt with Bourdain. His staff was looking for local chefs with food tattoos. They got together and ate and drank and caroused.

I don't have a tat, and I'm not a chef. Damn.


MSN Lifestyle Filter

June 19
Out With Anthony
If you're as big an Anthony Bourdain fan as I am, you'll want to check out Mary Ladd's Food Finds. I'm usually not interested in reports from various restaurants—if I can't eat there, I just can't get excited about it—but the writing here is so sharp and funny, and Bourdain such an engaging presence, that I didn't mind. Turns out they spent the evening enjoying an offal-only course at Incanto in San Francisco: "Incanto's chef, Chris Cosentino and his crew meticulously prepared a 'Fifth Quarter' menu based on 'non-skeletal meats, including the skin, head, feet and guts.' In other words, just the nasty bits Bourdain consumes and enjoys so much."

Fair enough. I don't know if I have the guts—excuse the pun—for the shaved tripe salad, but I might be able to swallow it down if it meant spending time with Bourdain: "Even Incanto owner Mark Pastore's Mom is under the Bourdain spell, and insisted that Mark tell Tony, he's 'a hunk.'" I second!


That sounds like quite a meal, my dear! I love the picture. Oscar looks like he is enjoying himself.

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Natalia Muntean

Anthony Bourdain is a great man i like him

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