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Q: Errr? Which Prince of Wales Pub, where?

A: Ooops. I just added the contact info. The Prince of Wales pub is in San Mateo, at 106 E. 25th Avenue (near the race track).
T: 650.574.9723.


I love that burger! I've eaten 3 in my lifetime, will go there again once I'm back on the west coast


The Prince of Wales, once a "place where everybody knows your name" is no more, after giving a 30 day notice of eviction to Jack and Debbie the new building owner is continuing the business as it is on his own; under the name and reputation that the previous owners had worked hard over 32 years to build. (He purchased the building not the business, but is doing business under the dba Prince of Wales)
The Pub was the heart and sole of the owners who ran it and the relationships they had forged over the years... If this new owner wanted to start his own pub at that location, well that is one thing, but to in effect steal the name and present to the world that it is the same pub was done in very poor taste by the new owner.. Jack and Debbie are currently looking for a new location to open the new POW under what name has yet to be determined.. But that pub where ever it ends up and under which ever name will be more the a sum of its parts, a place that people can go to enjoy a great beer food and fellowship that had made the POW famous world wide.
Please don't be fooled by the current owner trying to replicate the pub on 25th ave, as it is now only a pale reflection of what it once was. I will never patronize this establishment again.
The best words I can find to discribe it, is that the owner is a wolf in sheep's clothing...The POW may look the same but it's not. Now it's just a building without a soul.

Tony Fernandez

Two of my co-workers who have survived what was once name the "Century's Hottest Hambuger" took me to try the famed Hanbanero burger at the "Swinging Door," which used to be "The Prince of Wales." Well, to our utter disappointment, they did not have the waiver form, and we ordered the burger only to find out later that it wasn't the XXX-hot burger that we went there to experience. Make sure you call before you go to the pub if you are looking for the "real-hot" habanero burger experience. Despite the service, we will return to fulfill our destinies as survivor's of "This Century's Hottest Hamburger." Don't forget to call and ask.


That burger sounds realy tasty i might have to take a few friends down for a challage :). i think ill ring first thank for the tip

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