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Marilyn Martin

Does anyone know where I can purchase Pepper Plant sauce in The Orange County area? So Calif? Thank you Marilyn

Greg Arcade

You can find it online, Smart and Final used to sell it but alas not any more. What Jalapeno girl says is true though; good sign to see the stuff rather than the usual Tabasco style sauces. We lived in the Bay Area and I discovered Pepper plant at Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos. Nothing better on chicken fried steak and eggs. Now whenever we head north I make it a point to stock up, but half the time end up giving bottles away to those who appreciate it. Another good sauce though different is Melinda's xxx reserve. It's habanero but with a great taste. Found this sauce many moons ago outside Santa Fe at Harry's Roadside Cafe. Billie Holiday on the radio and homemade turkey sausage on the menu. Ahhhhh.

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