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Dr. Biggles

Did you put any habanero dust on it?


Mary Ladd

Not this time. Great idea, though. Just chili flakes, which is my default seasoning for pizza.

Dr. Biggles

Surely. The reason I mention it is that I finally opened my little vial only a few weeks ago and have been using it as a finish dust on grilled items. So tiny, yet so full of flavor and action.



Oh yes! I just placed an order for a 1/2 baked stuffed spinach & mushroom for a dinner with friends tonight. :-) I loooove Zach's!


Melissa-it's great stuff. Your friends must've loved you! I only wish Zach's had a SF location.


Dr. Biggles-I meant to respond earlier. Clearly I need some habanero dust to sample and use. It's now on my list.

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