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That is so exciting, Mary! Congratulations - you are doing what many of us would love to do (though I freely admit that I wouldn't have the courage to take the risk).

I look forward to reading more about the details of your progress as it happens.


good luck mary, I had a not the same but not entirely unrelated idea a few weeks ago too and everyone I have told has gotten excited as well. I too need to find some money to go ahead with my plan, the most difficult part because I am not a US citizen and won be able to get credit for it. So instead I am buying lottery tickets!. Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed for your exciting plan, can't wait to hear more...


good luck to you-it is so gratifying being the boss-let us know if you want to try our oil!


The food adventure continues! So exciting!!!


Ooooh, I had no idea you might be thinking of something like this. Very exciting! Put me down for reservations on opening night:-)

ted martinez

I'm hungry! Can't wait till you open the doors!

Mary Ladd

We had our meeting and if we are able to take out a loan and find a good spot to open, it may happen. Thanks for the nice comments from you all!


Remember Brother-in - Laws get free food!

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